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So what’s been achieved so far then?


My last post on here was way back at the end of last year and I mentioned a few things I was planning to get done. Some have happened and others haven’t, although it has been a busy year all in all. I didn’t make it to Glastonbury festival as I had planned to do, […]

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Time Flies


this year 2012, has been a rather busy year for me so far and there’s not much of it left now anyway. I know, I’ve been a bit slack on updating my site, but I vow to make it a more regular thing next year, hopefully everything will have settled down and I’ll have a […]

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Environmental Issues


Wildlife Conservation in the UK With all the talk of climate change (notice how they never call it global warming any more) and government plans to reduce carbon emissions, I have noticed how it’s all gone very quiet in the last couple of years. Since the recession struck, all concern about environmental issues seems to […]

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Getting a soaking at Glastonbury


Well, due to the fantastic line up of bands I decided to get myself registered and enter into the scrum which is buying a ticket for Glastonbury festival, I got lucky, unlike many of my friends, who I’m actually now quite jealous of, as they will be watching it from the comfort and dry of […]

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Legal Aid and The Legal System


Our transformation program aims to improve the quality of services that we purchase on behalf of clients, while making the best use of a limited budget. We are aiming to create a sustainable legal aid system, with quality, access and value for money at its heart. The focus in Legal Aid Reform: the Way Ahead […]

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London Theatres


Here’s a list of the theatres around London, just in case any tourists land on my pages:Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download Panton Street, SW1 Criterion Theatre Piccadilly Circus, WC2 Dominion Theatre Tottenham Court Road, W1 Drury Lane Theatre Royal Catherine Street, WC2 Duchess Theatre Catherine Street, WC2 Fortune Theatre Russell Street, WC2 […]

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Indian Wedding Clothes


Have you ever been invited to attend an Indian wedding but have absolutely no idea what type of clothes you should wear? If you live in the west and are not part of this community it could be a somewhat tricky situation, of course the easiest thing to do is ask the host, after all […]

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Deadlines and a conference


I started the week with constant deadlines and commitments to make the Transport conference on Thursday as perfect as can be. On Thursday morning, the conference commenced and with excellent attendance from both the young people and decision-makers, we were able to call it an absolute success. The conference got immediate coverage from the Wiltshire […]

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