So what’s been achieved so far then?

My last post on here was way back at the end of last year and I mentioned a few things I was planning to get done. Some have happened and others haven’t, although it has been a busy year all in all. I didn’t make it to Glastonbury festival as I had planned to do, in fact I didn’t make it to any festivals at all, there is a Reggae thing happening in Swindon tomorrow but the weather is looking pretty grim, so I probably won’t even make it there, I’m getting a bit old for standing around in the rain watching bands these days, it was OK when I was young, but those days are past now. Well I guess it’s all relative, but the thought of standing around in a field when it’s wet and you can’t even sit down dust doesn’t do it for me any more, perhaps I’m actually lacking enthusiasm and using that as an excuse, although I like to think it’s more a case of knowing what I want these days.

conservation project to clear riverI also wanted to get a bit more involved in local conservation groups, that has happened in that I keep bees so have spent quite  a bit of time caring for them, which in turn is helping the environment and certainly the local gardeners. I also helped out with a local project to clear some waste land and plant trees there, plus we all donned our wellies and waders and helped to clear a local stretch of the river which was very rewarding, albeit exhausting. I really would like to get involved in a proper conservation project at some point, but it needs to be something which fits in with my busy lifestyle.

As you can clearly see from the dates, staying on top of the site fell to the bottom of my priorities, hence this post making my excuses catching up from where I left off. I need to decide if it’s something that I should keep updating or just let it die a death when the hosting runs out next time. While I do enjoy writing here when I get around to it, I just so rarely do that I’m starting to wonder it it’s worth it.

I’ve also been practicing my guitar, I’ve tinkered around with it for years, but never consistently enough to make real progress, but what with the nice weather this summer, I found that I really enjoyed sitting outside and playing (quietly!) in the sun, although now the weather has turned I need to keep up the practice this time, because a few friends and I have had a couple of jam sessions together and have committed to playing a small gig up the local pub at Christmas, so that should keep me motivated, lest I make a fool of myself in public!

I also mentioned that I need to really get to grips with my sage software too, I feel that this is one big achievement for the year. A friend has spent a couple of hours with me a couple of times, just explaining the workflow through the software and telling me why a certain bit of data goes in a particular place, as a result it all started making sense, so I now feel like I actually know what I’m doing. This year when I send the backup to my accountant, perhaps she won’t look quite so puzzled and have so many questions about why I did what I did.

So unlike last time, I’m not going to make any grand promises about coming back and doing updates on anything more than a sporadic basis, if I have something to say I will, if I don’t/am too busy/am too lazy (delete as appropriate) then I probably wont.

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