Time Flies

this year 2012, has been a rather busy year for me so far and there’s not much of it left now anyway. I know, I’ve been a bit slack on updating my site, but I vow to make it a more regular thing next year, hopefully everything will have settled down and I’ll have a bit more time on my hands to dedicate.

I’m still very interested in the whole eco thing and wildlife conservation, so am hoping to dedicate a little time to some worthwhile projects in the new year, likewise if we get some better weather in 2013 (well, it couldn’t be any worse than what we’ve had this year!) I would really like to get myself out to some festivals to see some live music on big stages, Glastonbury is in my sights and I believe it’s happening again this year.

Another thing which is onĀ  my “to do list” is to get my head around my Sage 50 Accounting software, I’ve been doing nothing with it but the absolute minimum of invoicing sales and entering purchases, I’ve even got a training voucher which was valid for a year and was due to expire, fortunately Sage let me extend it for another 3 months after giving them a bit of a sob story.

So my plan for next year is to get writing more, both on here and my company site, to get involved in a local wildlife conservation project, learn how to use my sage software properly and see some live music. Of course if I do manage all or any of the above, that will give me something to write about anyway.

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