Getting a soaking at Glastonbury

Well, due to the fantastic line up of bands I decided to get myself registered and enter into the scrum which is buying a ticket for Glastonbury festival, I got lucky, unlike many of my friends, who I’m actually now quite jealous of, as they will be watching it from the comfort and dry of their lounges, supping a cold beer and watching all their favorite artists performing live from their TV set. I however, will be trudging around in the cold and wet, from stage to stage, watching the bands in the pouring rain, most likely soaked through and cold, drinking a warm beer.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

I went there one year before when it tipped down, the stages were still packed, and as far as I’m aware the tour buses all got in OK and everyone who was supposed to played. But the lack of sleep due to being wet and cold, not because of the noise coming from the stages, and exhaustion of trudging around in thick gloppy mud, really doesn’t appeal to me any more.

I’m sure the crowd will appreciate the bands, and I too will undoubtedly really enjoy seeing my favorites play, these include morrissey, elbow, coldplay, rumer, plan b and paul simon, I also wouldn’t mid seeing tinie tempah, the chemical brothers and pendulum.

Some friends are off to see a local party band instead, they are good and put on a really good show, but I was bragging how I got a ticket and they didn’t until recently and we saw the long range weather report lol. I like party bands too, actually I like any kind of gig, as long as they play something upbeat, so people can have a dance around. Hmm, that reminded me of the Amy McDonnald lyrics “play an upbeat song so we can dance”, I wonder what happened to her, that first album was brilliant, then I’ve not heard anything more of her since, shame.

Anyway, the group they are going to see are one of their faves, they do loads of songs which everyone knows and keep the dance floor busy too.

They love seeing party bands Wiltshire or party band Berkshire, party band Hertfordshire in fact, they will even go to, party band Oxfordshire or party band Cornwall, as they like a good old knees up.

At least they will be entertained in the warm and dry, while I’ll be trekking round seeing all manner of unusual artists, hering excellent groups but rather soggy.  I’ll update upon my return if I make it back in one piece.

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