Deadlines and a conference

I started the week with constant deadlines and commitments to make the Transport conference on Thursday as perfect as can be. On Thursday morning, the conference commenced and with excellent attendance from both the young people and decision-makers, we were able to call it an absolute success. The conference got immediate coverage from the Wiltshire Mail and many other local press. It was not by any means the end of the project, in fact, the conference was the end of a beginning…

The Steering Group. From Left: Mohammad Bilal, Carys Evans, Gregory Yates, myself, Pav Dhande and Ankita Chadha.

Cllr Len Gregory, Cabinet Member for Transport, sat on round-table discussions with the young delegates.

Cllr Jon Hunt feeds back on the recommendations and suggestions made by the young delegates.

Stephen Rhodes, Bus and Highways Director from CENTRO.

The Brumderground group went home with free bus passes and bicycles each! From Left: Jamie Phillips, Jamie Hodgson and Aaron Pereira.

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